Where To Buy A Weed Vaporizer Pen Online

A lot of our readers have consistently been asking us about where they can buy a weed vaporizer pen online, so we have recommended them to our partners over at Vaporizer Vendor.  We like to shop there mainly because we know and like the owners, and we really like how they operate their business with honesty and integrity.  Most of the other online vape stores don’t have as much integrity as these people, so please keep that in mind when you are out there shopping around throughout the industry.  If you are looking for a wax pen and want to buy those pre-filled weed pen cartridges, then you should definitely check out your local dispensary and grab a 510 pen.  I really like using those types of pens because the CBD hits you so much harder when you inhale it from a concentrated form like that, so it’s definitely something that I recommend to new users who are just getting into this side of the industry.

Vapor Pens In The News

We have been seeing vape pens appear in the news a lot lately, for instance Leonardo Decaprio was using one at the Oscars and everybody was making a big deal out of it.  There have also been a few stories floating around about people modifying the batteries on their vapor pens and then they are reported as exploding in a few cases around the country.  Overall, I would say that in general these products are not very dangerous, but they can be if you are performing modifications to enhance the overall usability of these devices.  The batteries on these devices are normally only dangerous when you try to beef up the voltage to get thicker clouds, so keep that in mind the next time your friend goes to pull a bone head move and talks about getting “thicker clouds”.  Are thicker vapor clouds worth blowing your face off?  I don’t think so…

Some Additional Tips For Using Vapor Pens

Another thing to keep in mind when using your vapor pen for smoking marijuana is that you want to make sure you are using a high quality strain, not some weak dirt weed that you bought from some high schooler.  You want to find some bomb ass shit from the dispensary, so you and your boys can fire it up and get lifted the proper way.  Some of these vape pen beginner kits come with all of the necessary pieces needed to vape intelligently and effectively, so we recommend starting out with one of them in order to get familiar with the vaping process, and how the best methods will enhance your overall experience.  If you are still confused about which vape pen to buy for use with your marijuana, then I would simply buy something simple and cheap such as the Atmos Jump vaporizer.  It’s an affordable, easy to use dry herb vape pen that functions quickly and efficiently.  When smoking cannabis, it’s important to remember that you need to grind it up very fine in order to get it to vaporize correctly, so please keep that in mind.

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