Hemp Studies

We here at Idaho Hemp Fest are extremely dedicated individuals who are determined to provide the marijuana community with safe and affordable access to hemp, marijuana, cannabis seeds, and other forms of useful raw plant materials for cultivating and distributing medical marijuana to the masses. We also actively support recreational marijuana use by responsible adults, and formally reject all political notions that marijuana is an addictive, unsafe substance that needs to be contained and regulated as if it was extremely harmful. Sure, marijuana needs to be controlled a little bit, but about the same amount as alcohol. We can no longer afford to adopt these childish notions that somehow we aren’t responsible enough to use this drug in a mature fashion.

Modern day medical marijuana users now have unrestricted access to some of the most advanced technology on the planet, and it will be extremely interesting to see how things continue to develop as time moves forward. We are entering a new era of the marijuana movement in which people now have the right to express their deepest desires and motivations regarding this powerful substance. We need to continue to explore these alternative, holistic therapies such as aromatherapy which enable us to look outside the realm of typical medical applications. This forces us to use our imaginations and adapt to our surroundings, allowing our bodies to heal themselves in a more natural and organic manner.

The day has finally come where we must form alliances with each other and push forward in order to create a new reality. One were our children aren’t persecuted and told what natural plants they are allowed to use for recreational and medicinal purposes. We have dealt with these childish ideologies for far too long in this country, and it’s about time that we finally stood up and took back our country with an iron fist. We can really seek to explore these options further as time moves forward, and it will be extremely interesting to find out how people begin changing their perceptions about this reality when these new ideas are put forth in a clear and concise manner for all to see. We are about to cause a political disruption of a magnitude so great that it will shake the very foundation of this countries belief systems regarding medical marijuana. We are here to stay, and our power is growing – just like that magical herb that we all love so much!

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