The Reasons Why Weed Should Be Legalized Worldwide

The most important topic of debate is whether to legalize or not to legalize marijuana which is also known as pot, cannabis or weeds. This debate is going on from centuries but more states are in favor of legalizing the use of weeds. The primarily reason for marijuana legalization is for its use for medicinal purposes rather than its recreational purposes and hence it should be legalized without any kind of restrictions for its use as it offers more advantages rather than disadvantages.

There are different reasons why weed should be legalized worldwide but the most important reason is that the benefits of using marijuana far outweighs the risks associated with its overuse. According to evidence based and peer reviewed studies, it has been proved that weed is beneficial for people suffering from severe health conditions like cancer, Aids, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other terminal and debilitating conditions. When the use of marijuana is legalized, it will help the patients for dealing with the chronic pain that is associated with these conditions for getting positive results. Another important reason for legalizing marijuana is that using it far safer as compared to using any other medicines that might not offer the desired effects and relive from the medical conditions. As there are a large number of chemicals that are found in pharmaceuticals, it can lead to serious side effects leading to overdose, complications and even death. But using marijuana is the best way of treating different health problem without risk of facing any problem like that of pharmaceutical drug as it helps to manage the symptoms of different medical conditions without the fear of addiction.

Another important reason for marijuana legalization is that it means complete government control because it will mean that patients will get safe and high quality cannabis for any issues that they are suffering from. The government will have complete control over the doses, requirements and prescriptions of the health experts so that it will be taken according to the required dosage. Legalization is an effective way of easing the restrictions and increasing government profits by placing taxes on the sales of weed. The medicinal properties of marijuana includes long term health benefits as it helps in relieving the pain and suffering of a large number of patients with terminal and serious illnesses. Weed is safe, natural and effective for helping in different medical conditions and hence it should be legalized in every state for helping people enjoy a large number of benefits. Marijuana legalization is the best way of creating strict control over the tax, sale and dose of the weed so that it will benefit everyone. It is popular because of health reason because using marijuana helps people to become more active, fit and healthy as it has more medicinal properties for the benefits of the sick and ill people. This drug offers wonderful benefits for dealing with serious issues and health conditions in the most effective manner for complete relief.

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