Best Portable Vaporizer Under $200

Me and my friends have been having this huge debate recently about which portable vaporizer is the best option for under $200. Now this may have been an easy question to answer five years ago, but with the increase in new product creation and overall vaporizer production, this is now a complicated and complex question that requires some good old fashioned research and personal experience. So first of all, there are many vapes to choose from in this category, and we are going to start by listing the brands that we will be looking at. The list is as follows: Arizer, Atmos, Vapium, and Magic Flight. We recognize that there are other brands out there, but we chose to go with these for this particular review so please bear with us.

So our very first vaporizer for under $200 is the Arizer Solo which retails online at 158.95. This is probably one of the highest rated, well reviewed portable vaporizers of all time and it currently sits as one of the top selling vaporizers of all time as far as online retail sales go. This is a reliable unit that consistently produces extremely clean hits of the purest vapor on the planet, and it comes highly recommended by us and everyone else here at Idaho Hemp Fest. We love this vape, and can’t use it and recommend it enough, so please keep that in mind during the rest of this review. This is our go to vape that we recommend and like the most out of the bunch.

The second vape on the list is the Atmos Transporter which retails around $129. This is an extremely compact vape that fits directly in the palm of your hand and it’s super easy to use as well. I love this vape because it can fit right in your pocket and it’s extremely discreet, plus it works very well and exactly as it was designed. If you are looking for a small portable handheld vaporizer that will allow you to discreetly vaporize your dried herbal blends then this was designed precisely with you in mind. Take it for a test drive yourself and you will see that style and affordability collide in this easy to use, nice looking unit.

Atmos has a long history in the vaporizer marketplace developing high quality, top selling devices such as the Atmos Raw, a coil style vaporizer pen designed for smoking marijuana and vaporizing other dried herbs. These days the modern day vapor pens for herb use ceramic heating chambers instead of the old style coils, because the stainless steel coils would burn out regularly making for a high maintenance device that left the user with a lot of headaches and down time.

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